partnership program

causing good and making solutions for
clients, contracts for partners and
happiness for us. It’s called the
CreativeCrew partnership program.
  • 69 partners
  • 5 years on the market
  • 300+ projects
we recommend partners to clients

We physically cannot transform all incoming calls into projects. But we still care.
Using our recommendation system we help clients and partners to find each other.

How does it work?

We select and suggest to our clients few companies with suitable expertise, which can deal with the task in time and within budget.

We accompany improvised mini-tender of two to four partners and the client makes the choice between them.

We check the result at the end of the project.

Our expertise
  • Web design and development
  • Branding
  • Service design and mobile apps
  • Video production
  • Promotion
community of СreativeСrew is functional in more than one aspect and not only with recommendation system. We work with our partners in several areas. Getting to know each other in mutual projects, we learn how to combine our strengths and compensate weaknesses.
Contractors pool

All key specialists — creative, design, management — we keep inside, and we actively use external resources for larger projects and attract unique masters such as illustrators, copywriters, specialists in narrow technical fields.

Most often we seek reliable outsource frond-end and back-end developers, who mastered Vue, React, Laravel and, 1C-Bitrix. But this stack is certainly not limited.

We regularly recruit new authors — best copywriters, photographs, illustrators and CGI-professionals.

By the way, we always have some job offers on our hr website.

If you are a wandering art-director, who achieved all the goals, and have an idea of a mutual project — don’t hesitate to contact us.We’ll definitely chat, probably drink some wine/beer/tea or whatever you prefer, and very likely we’ll work together.

Co-branding projects

If you got a difficult and interesting project, but you still don’t have enough design or creative experience, we’ll help with our expertise. We’ll divide the project into parts among our teams and implement it together.

CreativePeople has extensive experience in such co-branding projects. For example, we create complex projects with our design and front-end development from CSSSR company as part of the Alliance

Partners upgrade

We support our partners and help in the working process — we give consultations on negotiations and commercial proposals preparation and provide recommendations in any difficult situation.

And If more thorough consultation needed in customer service, legal support, analysis of work processes, assistance in hiring and training employees or agency development — we recommend Wolfenfox consulting agency.

CreaitveCrew — is an enclosed club. At the moment it includes approximately 70 companies. We seek to enhance the quality of services, not quantity, that’s why every partner is carefully selected.

Participation in the partnership program is free and voluntary. We provide more detailed terms of collaboration upon receiving your request with questionnaire.

how to become a partner.
Collaboration form
Choose a collaboration option
Fill in the request and send it via form Отбор Selection
We carry out the selection based on our subjective parameters.
We achieve success together
We always work with honesty and on equal terms.

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